You’re Breaking Up!

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Over the weekend, Verizon customers from the midwest to the east coast started reporting problems with their service. The network outage is also affecting Verizon internally as we’ve heard that their northern billing system has been down since Wednesday night. Customers can’t pay their bills online or by phone since Verizon can’t pull up their accounts. Customers who just purchased a new Verizon phone are also out of luck as the outage also affects the new phone activation process. Company spokesperson Laura Merritt says the outages affect customers in the Northeast, Midwest and some southern states. “We are working on a fix,” said Merritt on Friday. Verizon has said that network services such as call, text and data are not impacted by the outages, says the company. However this directly contradicts what some customers are tweeting about using the #verizonoutage hashtag. On their website, Verizon is trying to spin this off as downtime due to “upgrades” but it doesn’t seem like any of their customers are buying it. Since they’re going with the “upgrades” excuse, I doubt we’ll hear about the real cause of the problem.
July 1, 2014 |
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