Yellowstone Cell Tower Sparks Debate Over Cell Phone Use In The Wilderness

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The controversy surrounding the cell tower that was approved to be built in Yellowstone National Park on July 23, 2013 isn’t about the appearance of the tower in the wilderness, but rather the use of cell phones. Many people who frequent the park or take trips there go to experience the nature and believe that cell phones are an unnecessary distraction. People that go camping and spend time hiking find solace among the trees and enjoy spending time away from technology and other everyday distractions.
When the Yellowstone National Park shared the news of the cell tower being built on their Facebook page, many concerned patrons voiced their dislike. Kely Nelsen said, “One of my favorite things about going to Yellowstone is NO CELL SERVICE in most places. Something’s need to be left as they are.” A lot of people feel this way, but many others believe it’s imperative to have good cell service for safety purposes.

Richard Butler wrote on the Yellowstone National Park Facebook post, “Good to have for 911 calls so people can get help.” If you or someone you are with is injured and you need help, being able to call 911 is going to be necessary. If someone is in dire need of medical attention, they shouldn’t have to wait for someone to find them. It’s understandable that people who visit the park often feel that cell phones should be banned and this tower should not be built, but if it could save someone’s life isn’t it worth it? 
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