xG Technology’s New Cognitive Radio Networking Equipment Has Passed FCC Testing

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xG Technology Inc. delivers cognitive radio network technology that meets the world’s rising demand for reliable and affordable wireless broadband, while making more efficient use of scarce spectrum assets. With the amount of broadband spectrum dwindling, products like xG’s xVM and xAP are useful in the radio network.
The xVM (xMax Vehicle Modem) has received FCC certification by way of a Grant of Equipment Authorization so it is authorized to be sold in the U.S., while the xAP (xMax Access Point) is waiting for the final paperwork to be completed by the FCC. It is expected to be received soon so all the required FCC testing will be completed.
“The xVM seamlessly connects smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other devices to the Internet via an xMax cognitive radio network,” xG Technology explained in a press release. “While primarily developed for vehicle usage, the xVM may also be externally mounted in fixed locations like parks or other outdoor areas to provide WiFi and wired Ethernet access for use in monitoring, surveillance, machine-to-machine (M2M) and other applications.
The xAP is different from the xVM because it is a compact base station that communicates wirelessly with xG’s xMod and xVM to create an all-IP, high-capacity, high-performance wireless access point that will be able to deliver wide area coverage when there is significant interference.

“We are extremely pleased to have the xVM so closely follow the xMod in receiving FCC approval for commercial delivery and use,” said John Coleman, CEO of xG Technology. “The xVM’s rugged design is well-suited for deployment in public safety, homeland security, utilities and military applications. Now that all xMax radio products have successfully passed FCC testing, we will soon deliver product to customers, once we receive final certification paperwork for the xAP in the coming few days.”

September 25, 2013 |
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