xG Technology’s Device Received FCC Certification

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Even though the FCC has shutdown along with the government some things are still happening, which is good news for xG Technology. xG Technology develops wireless communication and spectrum sharing technologies. Their xAP (xMax Access Point) has received FCC certification by way of a Grant of Equipment Authorization. This was the final approval that xG Technology needed to begin delivery of all components of its xMax cognitive network solution to its customers.
Now that they have received approval, xG Technology is now positioned to begin commercial production against the previously announced backlog for xMax network equipment and services totaling over $35 million. The xAP is a radio-newtorking product that provides wireless broadband connectivity to xMod Mobile Hotspot and XVM Vehicle Modem devices that support end user access to fixed Internet, video, and voice services.
“With all required FCC certifications now complete, we can begin fulfilling xMax network equipment orders for our xMax cognitive radio system,” said John Coleman, CEO of xG Technology. “xG has been able to successfully achieve delivery of high-quality components from our supply chain, internal xMax production and testing and full FCC certification of our product suite, all while working under a capital constraint.”
Coleman continued, “Our next steps are to transition our assembly and testing capability to external contract manufacturers. With external production in place, we can begin shipping against backlog orders in volume. We are now evaluating financing options to fund this next phase of operations. While our timetable to volume shipment and revenue recognition has been extended, we have made strong progress toward commercializing the xMax cognitive radio broadband solution with this
xG Technologydevelops a broad portfolio of intellectual property to make wireless networks more intelligent, accessible, affordable and reliable. The company has created xMax, a patented all-IP cognitive radio technology that enables spectrum sharing. xMax can solve the crisis facing the wireless industry caused by data-hungry devices and applications that are straining network capacity. It eliminates the need to acquire scarce and expensive licensed spectrum, thus lowering the total cost of ownership for wireless broadband access.

October 7, 2013 |
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