Would You Give Up Your Smartphone?

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If you had to choose between giving up your Smartphone, including the very cool, new iOS 7 update, in order to not have a cell phone tower placed in your backyard, would you do it? Cell phone towers are popping up all over the place: school property, residential areas, church parking lots, etc. It’s easy to say “no, a tower is an eyesore and it shouldn’t be built in some specific area.” But the reason there is such a need for cell towers is because many people have upgraded from basic cell phones to Smartphones, which require about 35% more coverage than a standard cell phone.
Forbes reported that, “Two separate surveys confirmed that Smartphone penetration has not only passed half of all mobile subscribers, but has gone well beyond 50% of all adult Americans for the first time.”

Everywhere you look people are using their Smartphones to access the Internet, communicate with family and friends, check emails, or a million other daily tasks that one can complete with their Smartphone. While many people would prefer not to have a cell phone tower constructed near their home, sometimes it’s necessary to bridge the gaps in coverage. Not only does this help you have better service personally, but it also enables emergency communications systems to have a better connection in order to assist people in need. With so many Americans switching to Smartphones, more cell phone towers will need to be constructed in the future to keep up with the growing demand. 

September 19, 2013 |
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