Will Cell Tower in Harveys Lake Borough Upset Resident’s Daily Life?

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Xcell, a company who specializes in tower erection, maintenance and cell site construction, has obtained approval to lease a 100 x 100 ft piece of property in Harveys Lake Borough, PA. They plan on constructing a 195-foot cell phone tower. While Xcell began this process back in April, there were many conflicts that delayed the completion of this project. The property that Xcell was looking to lease is only 100 x 100 ft, and the property that is sits on is a private residence. The owner of this property would be legally responsible for all taxes on the property if it were not separated in a subdivision status. 

In order to move forward on this project, Xcell had to obtain the proper permits and submit a revised land development plan to apply for subdivision status. All documents are now satisfied, so Xcell can move forward with the project and build the 195-foot cell phone tower.

Now that the project is moving forward, residents are wondering whether or not this construction will interrupt their daily life. Some members of the community are concerned that this cell phone tower will disrupt the area’s natural beauty or the trucks will disturb the area by increasing traffic. While residents may have their concerns, about half the borough doesn’t receive adequate cell phone reception so the construction of this tower will eliminate that problem.
July 29, 2013 |
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