Wichita Falls Constructs Concealed Cell Tower

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In Wichita Falls, Texas builders have constructed a cell tower that is completely concealed by the pretense of a sign for the local park. So now the city can have a boost in cell phone coverage without worrying about disrupting the area around the park.
This tower was built by STEALTH, the First in Concealment. STEALTH designs, engineers and fabricates RF transparent antenna concealment systems for the entire wireless industry – including rooftop concealmentsconcealment poles, tower concealments, and many custom concealment structures. 

STEALTH creates a number of concealment products such as rooftop concealments, tower concealments, steeple concealments, DAS concealments, tree and pole concealments, silo concealments and custom concealments. 
July 30, 2013 |
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