Tucson Arizona Residents Oppose Cell Tower For Many Reasons

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AT&T proposed to build a cell tower that is 65-foot tall in the Tucson, AZ area; however, three neighborhood associations have expressed their opposition towards this tower saying it will be too close to home and pose safety issues. AT&T planned to disguise this cell tower as a palm tree and plan several other palm trees in the same area to create a more aesthetic appeal. The residents feel that the tower and these palm trees will block their view of the mountains.
Sonu Wasu reported for the Tucson News Now that, “The zoning officer felt cell towers can be lightning rods and being so close to homes created a big concern of lightning strikes in the neighborhood. Noise was also listed as a concern in the document.  Residents said the cooling units around the cell towers would be very loud and have to be running day and night.” These are concerns of neighbors of this community even though the proposed cell tower is 300 feet away from the closest home.

AT&T’s proposed tower complies with the FCC health and safety guidelines and AT&T had invested about $80 million in the Tucson community within the last three years and because data traffic had increased, there is a need for more towers. 
August 6, 2013 |
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