Tilgham, Maryland Will Soon Have Better Cell Service

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Even though every mobile carrier has been trying to construct a tower in the Tilgham, Maryland area the new proposal for the site plan was approved yesterday. The tower will be built on the property of the Tilgham United Methodist Church. Where the proposals for cell towers had always been denied before, this proposal in particular was approved because the tower will be disguised as a bell tower.
Shauna Thompson reported for the Star Democrat that, “The structure is planned to be 94 feet tall and 19-by-19 feet at the base. While the bottom 40 feet will be clad in standard building material, the top will feature a new material permeable to radio frequencies but not distinguishable from the standard in texture or color.

Verizon will be the first mobile carrier on this cell tower, but AT&T and T-Mobile will follow quickly. Sprint will more than likely be the last on board the tower. They hope to have the tower up and running by November. 

August 8, 2013 |
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