The Spectrum is the Backbone of Wireless

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There has been a lot of discussion about the wireless spectrum and its finite capabilities. The CTIA discussed how the spectrum is the backbone of wireless because wireless technology is connecting people in ways previously thought impossible.
Spectrum is the fuel that makes this wireless connection possible, but it’s a finite resource that is highly valued. That’s why the wireless industry has been calling for the government to take unused and underutilized spectrum and auction it for its highest and best use,” the CTIA explained.
The FCC will be conducting a spectrum auction next year where TV station owners will be able to auction off their spectrum licenses to broadband wireless carriers. By using auctions, the FCC seeks to award licenses to those who value them most and who will have an incentive to use them most effectively.

The need for more spectrum has never been greater, and although the U.S. wireless industry is the most efficient user of spectrum in the world, it will need more in the near future to meet the significant demand of consumers and businesses and continue providing them with the world’s best and most innovative mobile products and services,” the CTIA said. 

September 3, 2013 |
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