Tempers Flare Over Cell Tower Construction in Savannah, Georgia

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A group of neighbors in Savannah, Georgia shared their concerns over the proposed cell tower site near the corner of 57th and Water, on the edge of the Edgemere-Sackville neighborhood. Meredith Ley reported for WSAV3 that, “If all goes according to plan, the tower will be built on 57th Street where an old, dilapidated shed currently stands. Resident, Theresa Viselli says the tower could do more harm than good.”
The members of this community are concerned about possible health risks and the impact the tower will have on the city’s skyline. While, Jack Butler, the Metropolitan Planning Commission, believes the concerns of the residents are legitimate his hands are tied and he must follow the law.
“In 2006, Savannah adopted the ‘Wireless Communications Facilities Ordinance’. It established procedures, very in-depth procedures for proving a tower is needed, and then helping in guiding the design of that tower so that it has minimal impact on the neighborhood,” Ley explained.

While the residents continue to fight the construction of this tower, AT&T believes that this is the best place for a cell phone tower in order to boost coverage and cell phone speed. 
July 29, 2013 |
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