Technology to Eliminate Network Congestion is Unveiled

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After three years of waiting, Steve Perlman has unveiled his prototype called DIDO, a technology that could do away with wireless network congestion, according to Bloomberg. This technology would give each smart phone and tablet its own super-fast connection rather than asking these devices to share bandwidth with a cell tower. Bloomberg reported that, “Perlman bills the wireless system as basically the successor to LTE, the current high-speed wireless technology. In demonstrations at his laboratory, Perlman showed off iPhones, Surface tablets, and TVs streaming massive files—the 4K UltraHD version of House of Cards from Netflix, for example—via his own wireless networking equipment. The demonstration proved not only that the high-speed wireless technology worked but also that it would work with existing devices that support LTE.” There is, however, a problem that Perlman is trying to solve and it deals with current wireless networks. Continue reading here
February 21, 2014 |
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