Senator Urges FCC to Enforce Tower Regulations

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Senator_RichardSenator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) sent a letter to the FCC regarding their efforts concerning those who work in close proximity to cellular installations. “Even though the FCC recommends that wireless carriers control exposure to harmful RF radiation using safety protocols such as signs, barricades, and training, it has come to our attention that these recommendations have not consistently been implemented to protect workers,” Blumenthal along with Representative Anna Eshoo, (D-CA), wrote to the FCC chairman. The senators say that one in 10 cell phone antenna sites violates the FCC rules that are designed to protect workers from excessive radio frequency radiation.

PCIA—The Wireless Infrastructure Association commented, “PCIA shares Senator Blumenthal and Representative Eshoo’s concerns for the health and safety of wireless industry workers.  Since the FCC’s renewed action in this space in 2013, PCIA has remained engaged in this important discussion. In fact, last month, we met with FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology and its Enforcement Bureau to discuss the Commission’s proposal to revise the Maximum Permissible Exposure-based exemption threshold criteria for fixed transmitter sites located on rooftops.  Rooftops are by their nature varied, with different layouts, different landlords, and a variety of workers, regular and transient, requiring access.  Because of this variety there is no one-size-fits-all solution.” The Association pledged that they will continue to work with policymakers to ensure the industry is doing everything it can to protect the health and safety of its workers.

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September 21, 2015 |
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