Residents Will Consider Moving If Cell Tower Is Constructed At Local School

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Milestone Communications, the leading developer of wireless towers in partnership with school and government landowners, has been working alongside the school board officials of Anne Arundel County to construct a cell phone tower at the Piney Orchard Elementary School in Odenton, MD. State Senator Jim Rosapepe and State Delegates Barbara Frush, Joseline A. Peńa-Melnyk, and Ben Barnes asked the Board of Education to terminate the 2012 lease with Milestone Communications.
The members of this community have started the Anne Arundel County Against Cell Towers at Schools to collectively voice their opposition regarding cell sites being built on school property. The group’s mission statement explains, “We are a community advocacy organization that is opposed to constructing cell phone towers on Anne Arundel County school properties.”
This group of concerned residents believes that the radio frequencies emitted from the cell towers will have adverse health effects on the nearby students; even though the FCC, the American Cancer Society, and the World Health Organization have found no causal link between cell tower radio frequencies emissions and negative health effects.
One group members, Jen Beers, said that her and her husband would consider moving if the cell tower project continues. “For the long term, my child would never go to that school,” said Beers, the parent of one child at the school. “It’s not the Board of Education’s place to go and make deals that force people to make life decisions they weren’t planning on making.” (Source: Capital Gazette)
Milestone Communications has followed the federal regulations when creating the plans for this cell phone towers and they have followed the guidelines to regulate the amount of exposure so it is much less than anything that could cause health problems.
Milestone Communications has plans to construct several cell phone towers at school sites throughout Anne Arundel County, with the first at Piney Orchard Elementary. But a company spokesman said no request for a construction permit has been filed.
September 4, 2013 |
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