Residents Of Durham Push For Another Cell Tower

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Usually members of a community are the ones opposing the construction of a cell tower, but the residents of Durham, Connecticut are pushing for another cell tower to be built. Two members came to Monday night’s Board of Selectmen meeting to convince town officials that another tower needed to be built. Many of the people in this town are upset by the lack of cell phone service and the amount of dropped calls.

Michael Hayes, editor of the Durham Patch, reported that, “A decade has passed since Durham opposed a proposal to erect a cell tower in the area. At the time, then planning and zoning commission chairman George Eames III was quoted in the Hartford Courant as saying the tower is more a ‘public convenience’ than a ‘public need.’”

Now that more and more people are relying on cell phones in the area, there is a need for an infrastructure that supports this technology use. First selectman Laura Francis was hesitant when listening to the members of the community, not sure if the cell tower is the best idea; although, she does recognize that people rely more on cell phones these days than every before. 

“I will work with you in whatever capacity we’re able to while we try to maintain the integrity of our regulatory authority,” Francis said. (Source: Durham Patch)

August 13, 2013 |
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