Population Determines Cell Phone Tower Locations

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Now that cell phones have become a part of everyday life, cell phone towers are being constructed in locations depending on the population. While residents of a community may not be fans of cell towers, they now need to be built in places such as businesses, schools, or churches because of the growing number of mobile subscribers.

Cell phone tower placement is all about location in order for the subscribers to get the best cell phone service. In populated areas, towers can be disguised as trees, flag poles, or even crosses outside of churches. This way, members of the community are satisfied and they also get great cell phone reception without seeing an unsightly tower in the middle of a forest. Now that more people are relying heavily on the technology, and some households have even gotten rid of their land-line  cell phone towers are going to become part of the infrastructure just like telephone poles are.
July 29, 2013 |
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