New Jersey Residents Believe Cell Tower Is Dangerous To The Township

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The members of Little Falls, New Jersey gathered at a town hall meeting on Monday to voice their opposition to the prospect of a 150-foot monopole to be built at the justice complex. The cell tower is being considered because it would provide the city with extra revenue as well as a place for police dispatch and emergency communication equipment.
Despite the reasoning behind this proposed cell tower, residents of Little Falls are not pleased and believe the cell tower will have a dangerous impact of the land values surrounding the cell tower.
Matthew Kadosh of North Jersey reported that, “‘It also provides the township with a long-term solution for emergency communications other than the State Police Emergency Network (SPEN) that Little Falls is pursuing, should the costs to participate in that network increase exponentially, or if other technology needs arise,’ township administrator Joanne Bergin said.
While the residents understand the need for better cell phone coverage and the dispatch service, they also believe there has to be another way to achieve this without constructing the 150-foot pole.

“Council President John Vantuno addressed the residents’ comments on the cell tower. ‘We’re going to look at the RFP’s (request for proposal) and take everyone’s voice into consideration,’ he said,” Kadosh reported. 

August 15, 2013 |
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