New Antenna Structure Rules Take Effect

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cell-towerAugust 8, 2014, the FCC released a Report and Order regarding Part 17 of the Commission’s Rules Concerning Construction, Marking, and Lighting of Antenna Structures. The Order made common sense changes to Commission rules like allowing tower owners to provide tenants with antenna structure registration (ASR) information via mail, email or other electronic methods. Additionally, the Order streamlined rules regarding the maintenance of tower lighting and marking by exempting tower structures that employ robust, continuous monitoring systems from the requirement for quarterly physical inspections of lighting systems. However, a couple of items included in the Order never went into effect because they involved information collections that had to be submitted to the Office of Management and Budget, who completed its review on May 13. Rules 17.4 Antenna Structure Registration, 17.48 Notification of Extinguishment or Improper Function of Lights, and 17.49 Recording of Antenna Structure Light Inspections in the Owner Record are now in effect.

When the Order was initially released Jonathan Adelstein, President and CEO of PCIA—The Wireless Infrastructure Association, commended the Commission’s actions. “The FCC’s action will ease the ‘wireless data crunch,’ accelerate the build-out of world-class wireless networks, create U.S. job and economic growth, and strengthen America’s global competitiveness,” said Adelstein. “This is one of the most significant and comprehensive initiatives in the history of the FCC to expedite on-the-ground deployment of wireless broadband infrastructure.”

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