NATE Chairwoman Speaks At WWLF Monday Night Football Event

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Last night at the Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum Monday Night Football event Chairwoman, Pat Cipov, from the National Association of Tower Erectors spoke about the vision behind the organization and why their mission is so important. The first Chairwoman of NATE has done it all; from climbing the towers herself to crunching numbers behind the scenes. She’s seen the progress the wireless industry has made. “Back then tower people didn’t even talk to each other and now here we are with the PCIA, the CTIA, and the WWLF,” Cipov said.
After a conference in Orlando, Florida Cipov had the revelation that her and her team were not working safely and they were putting their employees at risk. Although the easy route would have been to give up and go back to work as an accountant, she decided to commit herself to NATE’s brand and the mission of the company.
“Safety never ends,” Cipov explains. “The solution is certain: we are all responsible for safety and we need to make sure each employee goes home at the end of the day.
NATE has created a number of checklists to make sure that the highest levels of safety are being maintained. Cipov explained that, “Safety is an investment.” She noted that your contracts are worthless if you didn’t do a quality job or if there was an investigation into the work. Cipov also advised that you always check your contractor’s references.
NATE is a purely voluntary organization. Today the Association boasts over 600 member companies located throughout the United States, Bahamas, Canada, Ghana, Guam, India, Jamaica, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago and the United Arab Emirates. “Together we can improve and protect our employees,” Cipov encouraged. 

October 8, 2013 |
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