More Spectrum, More Competition

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cell-tower-vertical-300x214T-Mobile CEO John Legere told Newsweek that if the company can get more spectrum, they will turn the heat up on the competition. “There’s so much work to do on solving the problems of this screwed up wireless industry,” he told the news outlet. Legere has the plans and the motivation to rival AT&T and Verizon, but the company simply doesn’t have the resources. There’s a few options, and one is merging with a bigger company like Comcast or Dish Network. However, these deals could take months—even years, and Legere wants to deliver now. Telecom analyst Susan Welsh de Grimaldo did tell Newsweek that because the newest iPhone runs on Band 12 of the 700 MHz spectrum, which T-Mobile has, their marketing potential will increase. This apparent advantage won’t be enough in the long run, though.

With the incentive auction coming up in March, T-Mobile will have a chance to purchase more spectrum. Unfortunately for the company, the FCC did not grant their request to increase the spectrum reserve in a given market from 30 MHz to 40 MHz. Legere lobbied for the change that would promote competition and help out the smaller carriers. Hopefully for the carrier, it will get what it needs next March.

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September 17, 2015 |
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