Members of Hilton Head Plantation Oppose New Cell Tower

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Fifty-seven of the residents in Hilton Head, South Carolina signed a petition opposing the construction of a 149-foot cell phone tower. This petition didn’t have the desired impact on the Town of Hilton Head Island’s Design Review Board. The board voted last week to approve the tower’s design.
According to the Island Packet, “Homeowner Brad Wainwright doesn’t like the sound of that ‘I bought my property because I like the open space, and this is the equivalent of a 14-story commercial building being erected 200 feet from my house,’ Wainwright said.”

The plans aren’t final, but final approval is expected to be given at the board’s meeting on October 8th. The 149-foot tower will be disguised as a tall pine tree in an attempt to blend in with the surrounding area. Although many of the residents of Hilton Head are against this tower, with more and more people disconnecting their landlines and solely relying on cell phone technology, the need for more cell phone towers is increasing. These new towers will allow cell phone carriers to increase their coverage and bring customers a faster connection. 

September 16, 2013 |
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