Location Agreed Upon For East Hartford Cell Tower

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In East Hartford, the Connecticut Siting Council has finally selected a location for a cell tower to be built. The Courant reported that, “The council has chosen an 11.9-acre parcel at 465 Hills St. as the location for the tower, which will consist of a 117-foot ‘monopine,’ designed to camouflage the structure as a tree. “
Even though the location has been decided upon, construction cannot begin until the development plan has been approved. Fire Chief, John Oates, is happy that the tower site has finally been approved because there is a section of the community where wireless communication services don’t work.
“They were nice enough to agree to provide us space for our equipment at no cost to the town, which is really big,” Oates said. (Source: The Courant)

There is no specific timetable for the construction of the tower; however, the council’s approval stipulates that the construction of the tower must be completed within 18 months. 

August 16, 2013 |
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