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In large part owing to STEALTH® Concealment Solutions, Inc. success in this field, people sometimes erroneously refer to concealment devices generically as “stealth”. STEALTH, however, refers exclusively to Stealth Network Technologies’ branded line of enclosure products and services.


Tampa Convention Center Side Mounted Box: Tampa, FL

STEALTH’s story began in 1992 with the country’s first RF-transparent antenna concealment system. So when we say we’re First In Concealment, we mean it!

Now armed with an arsenal of options, STEALTH covers the entire wireless industry with rooftop, tower, pole, DAS and many custom concealment structures. STEALTH’s engineered solid, sound and attractive cell tower concealments accelerate the approval process.

STEALTH knows beauty only goes so far without brains to back it up. So every cell tower concealment is engineered using the highest-grade radiofrequency (RF) transparent materials on the market. STEALTH has tirelessly tested and developed proprietary resources like StealthSkin™ panels that outperform any other.

STEALTH set the worldwide standard over 25 years ago, and remains the industry leader by designing thousands of sites and fabricating the most innovative cell tower concealments. Period.

Work Worth Doing

We understand cell tower concealments aren’t a breeze. But, STEALTH will cut through the fog of options and lead you to the right solution. By utilizing our Quick Reference Chart, you can clearly assess common factors that drive the decision making process. And STEALTH’s expert team will steer you in the right direction.

Whether you’re a wireless carrier, zoning official or a general contractor, economic factors will most likely drive your operation. By evaluating factors like site complexity, ease of installation, serviceability and flexibility from the onset, STEALTH will help you reap the rewards by extending the life of your tower, and your concealment, and maximizing your long-term investment.

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