Lake Lawrence Residents Raise Concerns Over Cell Tower Proposal

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The nearby residents of Lake Lawrence, Washington are concerned over the possible health and environmental effects that a new cell tower might have. On July 25th, American Tower notified residents of a possible 180-foot monopole built on a nine-acre parcel. While some residents are worried about this tower, others are excited about the prospect of having better cell phone reception in the area.
AT&T will be the first wireless carrier on the pole but other carriers will be able to lease space on the cell tower to provide better reception to their customers. Alison Baker, a nearby resident of the potential cell tower site, is concerned about her the effect the radio frequency will have on her health as well as the effect the electromagnetic field will have on her bees.
“I’m a beekeeper and electromagnetic frequencies — bees, birds, insects, all go by electromagnetics. That’s how they determine direction. So to have it on a piece of property that borders a wetland as well as (what’s) considered a buffer zone, that is a huge concern to me.” (Source: Nisqually Valley News)
The FCC reported that, “According to the FDA and the World Health Organization (WHO), among other organizations, to date, the weight of scientific evidence has not effectively linked exposure to radio frequency energy from mobile devices with any known health problems.”
While cell towers may have an electromagnetic field, it can only affect bees that are in extremely close proximity. In fact, if there is just a cell phone (not a tower) near the beehive, the worker bees will be unable to return.
Resident of Clearwood, Kali Phoenix, who lives about seven miles from the proposed tower site is excited for the possibility of a cell tower because they have no service. “She said the lack of cell phone reception in the area poses a public hazard, because it delays response times during emergencies when people trying to call for help can’t get good reception,” the Nisqually Valley News reported.

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