Investors Want to Know Sprint’s Network Plans

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2A213C9100000578-3145486-Too_many_choices_David_did_not_seem_pleased_with_the_options_pre-a-9_1435730936449There was a lot of talk about Sprint’s newest “All-In” promotion. It’s the one with David Beckham in the commercial in case you missed it. But it seems investors just want to know what exactly the carrier’s network build plans are. Because no matter how good the promotion is, if the network isn’t up to par, nothing will last. Amir Rozwadowski of Barclays speculated, “We would expect a combination of macro and micro site investment as a component of Sprint’s network densification initiatives.

Based on our checks, the carrier still has work to do with lighting up 2.5GHz on its macro network (which would be the most efficient means to execute its build plans). We also believe the carrier is simultaneously focused on its own small cell initiatives in key urban arenas.” Investors want to know the method and manner Sprint will execute their network buildout given the need to maneuver its financing resources. The analysts at Barclays expect SoftBank to continue to support the company’s network strategy. “We believe that SoftBank has been intimately involved with crafting Sprint’s network strategy leveraging its own expertise from similar high band, small cell focused builds in Japan. We would expect support to continue – particularly as the broadcast spectrum auction seems to be gaining momentum for an early 2016 start as Sprint would likely look to strategically improve its low band holdings,” Rozwadowski wrote.

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July 14, 2015 |
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