How Can I Make More Money from my Cell Tower?

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If you’re a tower owner looking to make extra revenue on your investment, look for opportunities to add tenants. Call the major wireless carriers and even the local ones and see if they’d be interested in renting space. Since the beginning of the 4G LTE deployment many of the carriers are looking for more towers. Updating the existing equipment isn’t 100% successful if there are gaps in the network coverage. This is why the 4G LTE expansion has caused the tower industry to grow quickly and investors are starting to take notice. The analysts at Seeking Alpha explain that, “Currently, AT&T and VZ are in the ‘densification’, or ‘cell-splitting’, portion of their upgrade cycle. The densification of 4G LTE requires carriers to place sites on new towers to ‘infill’ weak areas of the network. New leases result in higher revenue for the tower owners when compared to ‘amendments’, which occur on towers that already support a carrier’s equipment. Such amendments can create varying amounts of revenue based on the lease contract, but they are, in general, beneficial to tower owners as the carriers must leave on the previous technology equipment until all devices using that technology are out of circulation.”
December 2, 2013 |
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