Historic New Hampshire Chimney May Become Cell Tower

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In Nashua, New Hampshire the Board of Public Works is discussing the possibility of reconstructing the dilapidated Millyard chimney into a cell phone tower resembling the original structure. Two private companies expressed their interest in exploring the idea of installing a cell tower inside the chimney.
This project would solve the city’s problem of deciding whether or not to restore the chimney. Many of the residents of Nashua would like to see the historic chimney restore but it would cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Jim Haddadin of the Nashua Telegraphreported that, “Installing a cell phone tower inside the brick structure would allow the city to potentially reap income and also shift the burden of maintaining the chimney to a private company.”

It’s still undetermined what will happen with this project, but with two companies looking into restoring this chimney while adding a cell phone tower, the outlook is looking better than it did a few months ago. 

August 26, 2013 |
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