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transmitterVerizon submitted an ex parte filing with the FCC explaining that Sprint has been relying on “tired arguments” as part of a campaign to achieve “artificially low roaming so it can avoid building out its own network.” According to Wireless Week, Verizon says Sprint needs to buck up and build out its own network in rural areas rather than asking the FCC to consider changing its rules with regards to acceptable roaming rates. Sprint has submitted proposals to the FCC so they can maintain their current roaming policies. Verizon believes that the FCC should reject these proposals and encourage carriers to expand their own networks. “In many rural areas, where it is not economically feasible or rational to install duplicative network facilities given the unique challenges associated with overcoming low population densities, incentives are not the issue,” Sprint argued. “Less densely populated areas do not generate the revenue necessary to sustain the high cost of installing and operating multiple networks.” (Wireless Week) Sprint and T-Mobile haven’t built out their networks in the five most rural states because it’s not economically feasible. However, Verizon seems to be tired of sharing and wants these two carriers, but especially Sprint, to build out their own networks and stop using theirs. If the FCC rejects Sprint’s proposals that could mean more tower tenants for everyone.

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August 21, 2015 |
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