Georgia Town Denies Tower Despite Possible Lawsuit

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Even though the state government in Georgia made huge strides for the wireless community a few months ago making it easier for cell tower companies to construct towers, some towns are still doing what they can to keep towers out. In Convington, Georgia, Mayor Ronnie Johnston cast the final vote on Monday to deny a proposal from TowerCom to construct a 199-foot cell tower. AT&T and T-Mobile are looking to fill in coverage gaps for their customers; however, more than 50 people signed a petition against the tower and presented it to council members. The concerns of the residents were aesthics and possible devaluation of property values. Prior to Monday’s regular meeting, council members held a closed meeting to get clarity from the city attorneys about TowerCom’s intentions to sue the city if the permit were denied. Continue reading here

July 24, 2014 |
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