Elk Grove Cell Tower Proposed To Look Like Pine Tree

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Many people oppose the construction of cell phone towers for purely aesthetic reasons, calling them an eyesore but in Elk Grove, CA the Planning Commission is looking into build and operate 12 antennas that will be hidden in the “branches” of a wireless tower so that it will resemble a pine tree.
Bryan Gold reported for the Elk Grove Citizen that, “AT&T Mobility wants to build the “monopine” tower that is 85 feet high on part of the property at 8398 Sheldon Road near East Stockton Boulevard.”
The installation of this cell tower would be 250 feet away from Sheldon Road and at least 34 feet away from anyone’s property lines. By disguising this cell tower as a pine tree hopefully residents will be less likely to oppose the construction.
“The equipment on the ground will be housed in a prefabricated, plank-sided shelter designed to match the other structures on the property. Staff said a wooden fence surrounding the “tree” and ground equipment shelter would be designed in such a way to keep with the “existing character” of the property and surrounding area,” Gold explained.

The Elk Grove Planning Commission is set to meet on August 1, 2013 to discuss the building of this cell tower in the Elk Grove community.
July 26, 2013 |
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