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Dish-Mobile could be a good mash up of T-Mobile and Dish Network, way better than Kimye in my opinion. In T-Mobile’s fourth quarter earnings conference call, CEO John Legere commented, “I look at the spectrum portfolio and the video content, et cetera, that DISH has as a fascinating idea to consider. But most interesting is I’m very confident in the fact that, equally, those other players are looking at T-Mobile as a fascinating brand and distribution capability in an innovative group of people that could become a platform to them. So it’s an exciting set of options that the company is in a great position playing a portfolio from. So no, I think DISH is a great opportunity, both for the country and for possibly T-Mobile,” Legere explained. “I think the big questions around now relate to what is DISH going to do with their capability. And frankly, we’re open to all versions of it. There’s a lot of question underneath that. So far, I would say, most of the analysis on what is Sprint doing and what is DISH doing, they’re very spreadsheet oriented. They’re not really taking fully into account that underneath this is real execution and integration and creation of capabilities, either for wholesale or retail customers. And it takes an awful lot of capability that, I think, we’ll get rational about that. So we’ll wait and see. But I see no version of what DISH is doing as not being a positive for us. And we’d be interested in each aspect of it including some sort of a sharing. But obviously, if there’s a sharing, somebody has to create it to be able to be shared, which also is opportunity for us.”

February 23, 2015 |
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