Damaged Cell Tower Mutes AT&T Users in Oklahoma Town

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CellTower_051911_BL_tif_Silence is not so golden for AT&T customers in Blanchard, OK. It seems that since the end of last month service has been spotty-to-silent in the city of some 7,700 people 40 miles southwest of Oklahoma City. Blanchard customers were told the cellphone tower was supposed to be fixed by Monday, but now there’s no set date for when the repairs will be complete. This means people with AT&T cell service will continue to have dropped calls and other service issues.

AT&T says the issues stem from a damaged cell on a tower in town and told KWTV-TV/Oklahoma City News 9 “technicians are working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue.”

But the issue has irked longtime AT&T customers like Angela Clement who wants it fixed or soon she’ll be switching to a new provider. “We’ve been with AT&T for years, probably 15 or more years. And we have a lot of lines probably seven or more lines on our plan. I mean we’re good customers,” she said.

Like numerous phone users in the country, many cell customers in the Blanchard area have severed their land lines in favor of cell service. “I really consider it a hazard,” Clement told News 9. “They’re really concerned about having to call if they had to call for help or something they would be in a bad fix.” Clement has been traveling to Norman, OK, to ensure her call goes through. “It’s just frustrating,” she said.

October 7, 2015 |
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