Sweetwater, FL Residents Thrilled Over Proposed 130’ Tower

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It’s not unusual for neighbors near the site of a proposed tower to get organized and get vocal about the possibility of a new structure being built near their homes. But it is a rare day when all the gusto is IN SUPPORT of erecting a 130-foot tower. “We are thrilled that the neighbors are supporting this,” said Attorney Lauralee Westine, who is representing tower builder Florida Tower Partners LLC.  In fact, she told the Orlando Sentinel it is “a unique situation” that residents of Sweetwater support the proposal.

Just last month Inside Towers told you about another nearby tower installed at First Baptist Church of Sweetwater that greatly improved what was very poor or nonexistent wireless coverage. So this additional structure is expected to ratchet up coverage in a neighborhood of million-dollar homes, the type of neighborhood where poor cell reception is just not acceptable. But first the Seminole County Board of Adjustment has to approve the measure at its January 25 meeting.

Jan Chamberlin, president of the Sweetwater Club Homeowner’s Association, described the cell service around her home to the Orlando Sentinel, “It’s horrendous. Most of the residents here struggle with poor cell service. … And today, most people call you on your cell phone.” Residents in the subdivision have paid as much as $250 to install signal boosters in their homes.

January 21, 2016 |
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