Spectrum Auction Mania, Sniping All the Way

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download4T-Mobile wants the FCC to prevent Verizon Wireless from bidding on reserved Spectrum in a dozen U.S. markets. In a November 16 letter to the FCC, T-Mobile attorney Trey Hanbury of the DC law firm of Hogan Lovells told FCC it “incorrectly identified Verizon as reserve eligible” in 12 markets including Oklahoma City, OK, Brownsville, TX, Bozeman, MT, Springfield, MA, and Minot, ND among others. Hanbury provided a list of corrections to the list of nationwide carriers qualified to bid on reserve spectrum in the hope of “protecting against excessive concentration of low-band spectrum holdings by the nation’s dominant wireless providers while insuring competitive bidding.”

As RCRWireless Editor Mike Dano noted, “The action again underscores the behind-the-scenes clashes between the nation’s biggest wireless carriers as they work to improve their position going into next year’s 600 MHz incentive auction of TV broadcasters’ unwanted spectrum.”

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November 20, 2015 |
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