Selingsgrove, PA Board Postpones Controversial Hearing

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a3c78e8e-03db-41d3-8a46-8e7a5a91a983Just hours before last night’s hearing, tower builder Horvath Communications asked Zoning Hearing Board to postpone the event because a key witness was unavailable to testify, according to the Daily Item. Horvath is seeking a special-use variance to erect a controversial 80-foot communications tower near the Selinsgrove Community Pool. The board granted the request and reset the hearing for January 7, 2016. According to the Daily Item, the delay was requested by Horvath Communications due to a key witness being unavailable. The hearing before the borough’s Zoning Hearing Board is over a special-use variance.

The proposed tower has been hotly contested by many of the residents of Selingsgrove, a small Pennsylvania town about 48 miles north of Harrisburg and nestled alongside the Susquehanna River.  As Inside Towers reported on November 11, Selinsgrove Area Recreation Inc. stands to gain $250,000 over the next 29 years, Horvath’s plan to construct a monopole tower to be used by Limitless Wireless was opposed by a petition signed by 800 residents who were concerned about the tower’s impact on property values and potential health risks from radiation exposure. At a previous meeting on November 5, three hours of testimony led the board to call for a second meeting in December. In addition to Horvath’s key witness, both sides have prepared additional witnesses to testify at the next meeting on January 7.


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