Florida Town Considers Tower Up to 135’

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The Board of Education in Farmington Hills, MI last week cleared the school district to enter a 5-year lease deal with Verizon, paving the way for the carrier to construct a 120-foot tower on the grounds of the North Farmington High School. The agreement calls for Verizon to also place its operational equipment under the school’s bleachers and illuminate the area with lights on the pole.

The agreement with Verizon was crafted to mirror the AT&T agreement, explained Jon Riebe, FPS director of facilities management. That means a one-time payment of $50,000 for the district and another $1,800 per month. Each year, the lease fee has a compounded increase of 2.5%, according to Hometownlife.com. The agreement can be renewed for up to four additional 5-year periods. No sub-leasing is permitted.

“This will improve communication (at North Farmington),” Riebe said. “The district has Verizon service and North Farmington has a difficult time (now) receiving phone calls in school.”

February 2, 2016 |
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