Cell Tower Could Jeopardize Green Acres’ Funding

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A cell tower along with a compost facility could jeopardize New Jersey’s Green Acres’ funding Nutley’s Monsignor Owens Park. Hasime Kukaj reported for NorthJersey.com that, “The cell tower is not an approved use, nor is storing leaves of debris,” New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Green Acres spokesman, Al Ivany, told the Sun.”
Since Nutley’s Monsignor Owens Park Field was redeveloped during the summer of 2012, the township has been warning officials about proper compliance and a cell phone tower is considered a diversion of parkland and not a recreation.

“Talks regarding removing the cell tower have also been ‘cooperative and constructive,’ DEP Press Director Larry Ragonese said. At this point, the township is not at risk of losing the funding,” Kukaj reported. 
August 1, 2013 |
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