CCA’s Berry: Carriers Must Have Spectrum Access, Technology To Compete

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In order to roll out and upgrade LTE networks successful—that will be competitive with AT&T and Verizon—North American carriers “must have access to critical inputs including access to spectrum, access to the latest, most-advanced handsets, and reasonable roaming agreements, Steven Berry, president & CEO of the Competitive Carriers Association told

Speaking just after his own group’s gathering in Fort Lauderdale, FL earlier this month and in anticipation of the 8th Annual LTE North America meeting in Dallas, TX next month, Berry said that in order for CCA’s members to grow and thrive, “they must have access to these inputs to find a pathway toward the next generation of networks. The wireless industry is, unfortunately, plagued by continued consolidation—a significant challenge for smaller carriers trying to compete with the two largest national carriers.”

aa1345ddee4c09f89fcc5184b4c50c12CCA, he acknowledges, has been busy lobbying the FCC, Congress and the Obama administration “to ensure policies are in place that will allow our members to enhance their networks and serve their customers the best way possible.” He said there are critical policy issues affecting CCA members and decisions in Congress and at the FCC that will “affect not only the carriers, but consumers and the economy as well.”  

Berry said every carrier has to offer a national product and “any network that doesn’t continue to evolve won’t survive.” Consumer data usage is expected to increase more than 1,000 percent over the next five years, and carriers must find a way to meet this ever-growing demand on their networks. This is just one reason why the upcoming 600 MHz incentive auction is so important, he added. “Spectrum is the lifeblood of the wireless industry and to further deploy and expand their networks, carriers must have access to this limited, valuable resource.”

He noted the low-band spectrum being offered in the March auction is “particularly attractive for carriers because of its unique propagation characteristics including the ability to penetrate walls and buildings and travel farther distances in rural areas.” Berry said CCA has been working very closely with the FCC “to ensure all carriers, both large and small, have the opportunity to bid on and win spectrum in the auction.”

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October 15, 2015 |
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