60-Foot Cell Phone Tower Approved In Pleasanton, California

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AT&T’s 60-foot tower to be built in Valley Business Park in Pleasanton, California has been approved. The tower will be mounted with 12 antennas standing 6 feet tall and will be a part of the wireless facility that AT&T will build on a 1.16-acre parcel at the office park. Valley Business Park is a 69-acre property at 1056 Serpentine Lane.
Chris De Benedetti of the San Jose Mercury News reported that, “The company’s plans also call for installing a 17-foot-high platform that will contain wireless equipment. Two GPS antennas will be attached to the platform, according to a staff report. “
Last month, concerned members of the community met to voice their opinions regarding the negative health effects associated with the cell tower. However, AT&T submitted a report showing that they had met the standards of the FCC concerning the rules on radio frequency safety. Also there has been no substantial evidence linking radio frequency from cell towers and negative health effects.

The cell phone pole will be a monopine, created to resemble a faux pine tree, complete with fake green-colored tree branches and pine needles, city officials said. The tower is being built to improve cell phone reception and other wireless communication in Pleasanton and surrounding areas, according to a city staff report,” De Benedetti reported. 

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New Radio Transmitters To Be Added To Connecticut Cell Tower

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After the boards of finance and selectmen approved the contract to rent space on top of cell towers for new radio transmitters, the decision will head to the public for a final vote.
The Republican American reported that, “First Selectman Edmond V. Mone said the Board of Selectmen, in approving the contracts Wednesday morning, set a town meeting for 6:30 p.m. Aug. 21 to give taxpayers an opportunity to vote.”
This issue is required to be voted on by the taxpayers because it is a multiyear contact. The towers are located on Chapel Street and on Mount Tobe Road in Plymouth. These new systems will aid first responders as well as public works crews.

Thomaston’s system has not been updated since the 1970s, and it routinely drops calls and leaves dispatchers and officers calling cell phones to make contact.  (Source: Republican America)

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AT&T Conducting Research In Bridgewater To Potentially Eliminate Towers

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AT&T is planning on constructing a small 350-foot building to be placed at the end of the parking lot of AT&T’s campus, where they will attach three 22-feet high poles. The structure will be about 500-feet away from AT&T’s main building.
Mike Deak of the Bridgewater Patch reported, “The building and poles will be used in research that AT&T that will be conducting, research that could potentially lead to the elimination of cell towers, which could be welcome news to Central Jersey residents who have fought against the construction of those towers.”
This research is also being conducted in Florham Park. AT&T is exploring the possibility of placing cell transmitters and repeaters on normal utility poles. This will eliminate the need for large cell towers.

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Davenport Water Tower Must Come Down Relocating Equipment From Mobile Carriers

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After the city of Davenport, Florida learned that their beloved water tower had to come down they had to make a decision regarding the equipment that is being housed on top of the water tower. It was recommended that the tower be torn down as soon as possible, but many members of the community view it as a historic landmark.
T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint have contracts with the city to be on the water tower, so the commissioner has been contemplating what to do with these long term contracts since he learned the water tower must come down. The three companies pay the city a combined total of $56,000 annually.
The city has a few options regarding the equipment from these mobile towers. Greg Parlier of The Ledger reported that, “If AW Solutions was to take on the project, said Executive Vice President Jim Partridge, the company would erect a cell tower, move the equipment over, and have the water tower demolished and removed, all free of charge to the city. AW Solutions would take on all liability for the contracts as well and would release the city of all damages, Partridge said.”
Vice Mayor H.B. Robinson believes that “sounds too good to be true.”
Another option is for the city to construct a monopole themselves. Each cell company has offered the city $75,000 to help build a tower, but they would then have smaller rent payments in the following years.
Partridge said it would take the city 4.2 years to make its money back if it constructed its own tower and kept its contract with the cell companies,” Parlier reported. The City Attorney, Kirk Warren, has a tentative meeting scheduled with the three cell companies on September 5th

August 14, 2013 |

Officials Believe Bradley, Illinois Needs A Cell Phone Tower

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A New Jersey tower developed believes there is a need for a cell tower in Bradley, Illinois. However, town officials have expressed concern regarding this tower due to aesthetic reasons. Nicole Leonhardt of The Daily Journal reported that, “George Golwitzer said he was concerned about 150 foot tower being placed on the commercial property and asked to have the building department review the development plan. Mayor Bruce Adams agreed with the suggestion.”
Adams doesn’t think that the cell tower will be visual appealing and they need to find a new location. However, he does not believe the cell tower should be ruled out all together because of the increased cell phone usage in the area.

“A legal representative for Capital Telecom said there is a high demand for cell phone signals near Route 50, leading the company to choose the location,” Leonhardt reported. 

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Oklahoma Thief Takes $800 Worth Of Fuel From Cell Tower

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Last Thursday, August 8th, Edmond police officers were called out to an American Tower site in regards to a burglary. The lock on the perimeter of the chain link fence had been cut and the fuel tank had been opened using a key. Mark Schlachtenhaufen of the Edmond Sunreported that, “The reporting party said someone stole the keys from Norman and the same key opens all the units.”
The thief was able to get away with around 250 gallons of diesel fuel, which is valued at about $800. The company is now setting up surveillance cameras on the cell towers. Schlachtenhaufen reported that, “Police Officer William Wright stated that he spoke with a worker who said he maintains the generators at several cell phone towers, and several American Tower generators have been burglarized during the past month.”

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Do You Still Use A Landline?

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The word “phone” has become synonymous with cell phones and no longer refers to household phones that are connected to the wall and collect dust in the corner. While businesses still use landlines, residences are abandoning this technology.
The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, which is the comprehensive, knowledge-based resource for success in the credit and collection industry, compiled information regarding wireless and landline phones. They reported that, “More than one of every four American homes (26.6%) deserted their landline telephone service and now rely exclusively on wireless service. Approximately 24.9% of all adults (approximately 57 million) live in households with only wireless telephones. A total of 29% of all children live in households with only wireless telephones.”
What caused this occurrence though? Cell phones are portable and people always have them in their pocket or purse. They allow someone to be available almost 24/7, whereas with a landline you have to be sitting around the house to hear it ring. With the desertion of landlines and people relying more and more on cell phones, the need for cell towers is becoming a necessity. 

“Wireless subscriptions have risen from 33.8 million in 1995 to 322.9 million in June 2011,” ACA International reported. It’s so unlikely to run into someone who doesn’t have a cell phone these days. Landlines are becoming a thing of the past, and future generations may only know about rotary phones from black and white movies and exhibits in museums. 

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Cell Tower To Be Constructed In Iowa Cemetery

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The first cell phone tower to be built on cemetery property in Cedar Rapids will be constructed on an undeveloped corner of the Cedar Memorial Park Cemetery. The tower developer was given a conditional use permit for the tower this week from the city’s Board of Adjustment.
The Gazettereported that, “Five antenna arrays will be added to the tower’s post, which will sit just to the southwest of the Kohl’s store at 361 Collins Rd. NE.”
A landlord of a nearby building was concerned about the radio waves that would be emitted from the cell tower, but the board members assured that the radio waves will be well under the levels permitted by the FCC. Earlier this year, a request to build a cell tower in a different cemetery in Cedar Rapids was denied. Some of the family members with loved ones in that particular cemetery opposed the 120-foot tower.

The cell tower that is to be built will be 125-feet tall and away from the heart of the cemetery and off to the side in an undeveloped area. “John Linge, who heads up the Cedar Memorial Park Cemetery Association and Cedar Memorial Funeral Home Co., on Tuesday said cell towers in cemeteries are popping up across Iowa as a way to raise revenue to support cemetery lot owners. Small rural cemeteries, in particular, can consider the lease revenue generated by the placement of a cell tower in a cemetery a ‘godsend,’ Linge said,” The Gazette reported.

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Boise Parents Oppose Cell Tower Next To Elementary School

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A lot the time people aren’t against cell phone towers being constructed as much as they are opposed to the location where the tower will be built. Many people dislike the site of cell towers so they prefer that they aren’t in plain sight, but the members of this Boise community are against a cell tower being built in close proximity to Eagle Hills Elementary School.
The parents don’t want this cell tower to have a negative impact on the children in any way but Eric Fink reported for a local news station that the, “Meridian School District spokesman, Eric Exline said. ‘We’ve looked at all of that information about the intensity of being sent out by cells and we don’t think it’s a health risk for students or staff.’”

This cell tower will pay the district $30,000 to construct the tower and then $2,500 a month after that. This revenue will be great for the Meridian School District and allow them to hire more teachers, buy books, and maintain the buildings. 
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Vertical Consultants Increases Real Estate Developer’s Cell Tower Rent

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Vertical Consultants, a telecom consulting firm, announced that they successful negotiated a 942% increase in cell tower rent for their client, Venture Landholdings, LLC. Vertical Consultants distributed a press release stating that they usually increase property owners’ cell tower rent by 142%. Vertical Consultants also recovers unpaid cell tower rent and expenses for the property owners.

Since inception, Vertical Consultants has recovered over 200 years’ worth of cell tower rent and expenses, collectively, for their clients,” the press release reported. Vertical Consultants was founded in 2012 by Hugh Odem and they specialize in issues surrounding the wireless telecom industry and are a source of information for property owners.  
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