PCIA’s Tower CEO Roundtable Provided Great Insights Into The Industry

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The tower industry is expanding quickly in order to keep up with the demand for mobile and broadband technology. Wednesday October 9ththe PCIA’s 2013 Wireless Infrastructure Show gathered the four CEO’s from the major tower companies in the United States. Benjamin Moreland was appointed President and CEO of Crown Castle International in July 2008. Jeffrey Stoops is President and Chief Executive Officer and a director of SBA Communications Corporation. He has been CEO since January 1, 2002. Steven Marshall was named Executive Vice President and President, U.S. Tower Division of American Tower in March 2009. Marc C. Ganzi was the Chief Executive Officer of Global Tower Partners.
These men came together to discuss their thoughts on the future of wireless and the state of the industry. John Adelstein, president of the PCIA, moderated the roundtable and started off asking American Tower’s CEO about their acquirement of Global Tower Partners. “We are absolutely delighted. We are very pleased. They have really great assets and when you combing those with American Tower’s assets we have over 50,000 communications sites,” Marshall said. “We welcome the many members of the team from across the nation to the American Tower team.”
With American Tower’s acquisition of Global Tower Partner’s, Marc Ganzi referred to his current position as “unemployed.” However, Ganzi noted that they have a portfolio of towers in Mexico that they need to get back to work on by building up and buying assets. “Mexico is a market that is growing and it’s a market with a lot of promise,” Ganzi said.
Having all of these CEO’s gathered at the same convention allowed Adelstein to ask them about their opinions regarding the efforts of the PCIA and whether or not they are making a difference in the industry. PCIA has a dedicated Government Relations staff that represents our members’ interests at all levels of government by educating key policy-makers about the critical role wireless infrastructure plays in our nation’s communications network.
Ganzi remarked that, “It’s no longer NIMBY (Not in My Backyard), it’s YIMBY (Yes in My Backyard). People are now saying, ‘I work at home and I need to be connected.’ It’s part of the fabric of how we connect to our families and I think that’s been a mind shift at the local level. We exist to help accelerate the build out and reduce cost. To me, that’s why we worked hard on the hill to get that legislation passed.”
Jeff Stoops of SBA Communications believes that, “On the federal side we’re in pretty good shape. On the state side, there’s always room to improve.”
PCIA and other wireless organizations have been working hard to decrease barriers that make it difficult for the wireless infrastructure to be built. Their efforts are starting to pay off with the federal government restriction the reasons state and local governments can give to veto a tower proposal. 

October 10, 2013 |

TowerCo Isn’t Interested In Buying Global Tower Partners

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With the news that Global Tower Partners was being shopped, many companies were looked at to see if there was any interest in GTP’s 6,400 towers. Jason de Bruyn wrote for the Triangle Business Journal that, “TowerCo CEO Richard Byrne said a transaction of that size isn’t a right fit for his company right now.

Byrne explained that TowerCo shied away from this deal because last year they sold 3,250 towers to SBA for $1.45 billion and he has private investors lined up do that again.

August 8, 2013 |

Global Tower Partners Seeks Buyers

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Global Tower Partners is the largest privately-owned cell tower operator in the U.S. and the fourth largest independent operator in the U.S. They manage/master more than 16,000 wireless sites, including 6,400 telecommunications throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Cost Rica. However, GTP is being shopped to the larger companies in the wireless tower industry. In 2007, Macquarie Infrastructure Partners LP acquired GTP for about $1.43 billion.
Ryan Dezember reported for The Wall StreetJournal that, “Though Global Tower and its three larger, publicly traded rivals have made numerous deals in recent years to consolidate ownership of U.S. cell towers, it remains a somewhat fragmented sector.”
With Sprint and T-Mobile trying updating their networks to the latest 4G LTE technology and getting on the level of AT&T and Verizon, the cell tower industry is booming because more cell towers are needed to provide the right type of coverage to customers. The majority of people these days are disconnecting their landlines and relying solely on cell phones, making more towers a necessity.

“Global Tower would be one of the larger collection of towers to come to market in recent years. It bigger rivals have been acquisitive, though their potential interest in Global Tower wasn’t immediately clear,” Dezember reported. 
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