Brevard County Discusses Plan For Cell Towers

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Photo courtesy of Tim Shortt
Tomorrow, Brevard County Florida commissioners will hold a workshop to discuss the issues surrounding the location of cell phone towers and other communication towers in the county. Telecommunications consultant, CityScape Consultants Inc, plans to make a presentation that focuses on a more systematic approach when it comes to the location of the towers so they do not run into neighborhood opposition.
Dave Berman of Florida Today reported that, “County planner, Geroge Ritchie, said county officials plan to discuss whether to begin more actively marketing county-owned properties as potential sites for cell towers, as a way for the county to generate revenue from leasing the land.”

The County Commission already votes on applications for new towers twice a year, rather than considering them throughout the year. This workshop is open to the public and officials of local cell companies, cell tower builders, and several county departments will more than likely be there to give their input as well. 

August 14, 2013 |
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