AT&T to Tighten Purse Strings

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The rumor circulating for the past few months was that AT&T had cut back the spending for their wireless networks; however, this was never confirmed. Some companies saw a little pull back from AT&T, while others didn’t see any change. Jennifer Fritzsche, Senior Analyst at Wells Fargo, reported that AT&T announced they would cut spending in 2015. They will likely spend $18 billion in 2015, down from $21 billion in 2014. This bit of news might alarm the members of the tower industry, but Fritzsche and her team believe that AT&T will continue to spend on capacity and improving the overall wireless network experience for its customers.“Also keep in mind that a major part of AT&T’s future LTE strategy is the deployment of its 30MHz WCS (2.3 GHZ),” Fitzsche notes. Continue reading here.

November 11, 2014 |
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