AT&T Proposes 150-Foot Cell Tower in Gaylordsville, Connecticut

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Gaylordsville, CT may soon be home to another cell tower just a few miles away from the 130-foot cell tower structure that was installed in June. Susan Tuz reported in the News Times that, “AT&T proposes to construct a 150-foot cellular communication tower on property owned by FirstLight Hydro Generating Company, the company that owns Candlewood Lake.”
There will be a public hearing before the Zoning Commission on August 27th at 7pm. The Connecticut Siting Council gets to make the decision regarding the construction of the tower. However, they are required to hear the input from the town’s Zoning Commission. Members of the community are upset that there will be two towers just two miles away from each other. The tower that was erected in June is outside the fire station and it is for public safety. This new tower will serve a different purpose to the residents of Gaylordsville.

“AT&T provides coverage to 18.9 square miles in town. The proposed tower would increase coverage to 19.52 square miles, boosting the reach from 11,814 customers to 11,898, the notification states,” Tuz reported. 
July 30, 2013 |
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