AT&T Distributed Antenna Systems Are Coming Soon

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AT&T announced that its Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) is coming soon as a way to deliver superior coverage in the most challenging environments. DAS is a network of spatially separated antennas connected to a common source that provides wireless service within a geographic area or structure.
HetNetForum is a membership group with PCIA, who is dedicated to working together to enable wireless broadband coverage and capacity. They discussed the problems with wireless coverage and how DAS will help solve these problems.
HetNet Forum explains that:
  •  People are demanding the same wireless experience they have at home on the road.
  • 70% of wireless calls and data connections take place inside a building
  • LEED-certified buildings are designed in such a manner that makes it difficult to get strong RF coverage inside the building

Distributed Antenna Systems is one of the possible solutions to the above problems and they are best suited for large venues with a diverse customer base. Soon AT&T will use DAS to provide customers with better cell phone coverage when they are on the move. 

July 31, 2013 |
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