ABC vs. VZ’s LTE in NYC

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AVerizon-4G-LTEBC has filed an informal complaint with the FCC against Verizon Wireless for interfering with their WABC-TV broadcast in New York. Verizon recently deployed their LTE service in the area, and said they are working on the issue. Although filed with the FCC, an informal complaint doesn’t require legal filings, has no filing charge, and neither party has to appear before the FCC.

ABC told the FCC that Verizon caused substantial interference with the TV station and has done “little to mitigate it.” Verizon contends that they have taken steps to fix the interference issue, but ABC said they were insufficient. The broadcaster urges that the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau to investigate the issue to find out if Verizon is in violation of the FCC rules, and unless Verizon fixes the problem, ABC wants the Commission to prevent Verizon from deploying any new LTE sites in WABC-TV’s service area.

March 10, 2015 |
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