60-Foot Cell Phone Tower Approved In Pleasanton, California

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AT&T’s 60-foot tower to be built in Valley Business Park in Pleasanton, California has been approved. The tower will be mounted with 12 antennas standing 6 feet tall and will be a part of the wireless facility that AT&T will build on a 1.16-acre parcel at the office park. Valley Business Park is a 69-acre property at 1056 Serpentine Lane.
Chris De Benedetti of the San Jose Mercury News reported that, “The company’s plans also call for installing a 17-foot-high platform that will contain wireless equipment. Two GPS antennas will be attached to the platform, according to a staff report. “
Last month, concerned members of the community met to voice their opinions regarding the negative health effects associated with the cell tower. However, AT&T submitted a report showing that they had met the standards of the FCC concerning the rules on radio frequency safety. Also there has been no substantial evidence linking radio frequency from cell towers and negative health effects.

The cell phone pole will be a monopine, created to resemble a faux pine tree, complete with fake green-colored tree branches and pine needles, city officials said. The tower is being built to improve cell phone reception and other wireless communication in Pleasanton and surrounding areas, according to a city staff report,” De Benedetti reported. 

August 15, 2013 |
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