5 Bars to Develop Sacramento’s Wireless

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Y6DvwNrIeRBTvVJRrtawT75yw_yfzIgPLotSpv31Z4OMYNgM28frseyhsjLPfm_EmVKn0jhzFoTTTdFzjsfCJ6RdgwnVldz3xXrfEW3TLKJziTS5KWhlOR33Ciq0CWmnNW95saUpfXZRI_d9-jLKiYhhgL9WtoeDfgdgpso=s0-d-e1-ft5 Bars, a provider of DAS and Wi-Fi wireless services, announced they had struck an agreement to develop a Wireless Master Plan for Sacramento, CA. Once implemented, the residents will have public access to high speed Internet in key areas, which supports the city’s IT digital strategy and is in alignment with Mayor Kevin Johnson’s move toward City 3.0. Cities 3.0 is a term coined by the mayor, and describes the city as a hub of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. “It’s paperless, wireless and cashless. In 3.0 cities, we have more cell phones than landlines, more tablets than desktops, more smart devices than toothbrushes,” Johnson wrote in the Huffington Post.

5 Bars will be working alongside Johnson and other city officials to develop smart infrastructure to create a network to improve the quality of life, sustainability and efficiencies in the metropolitan area. “Cities must provide a NEW kind of infrastructure: like citywide Wi-Fi networks, broadband and fiber optics,” Johnson continued in the Huffington Post. “We must have turnkey operations for start-up companies, from office space to high-speed communication lines. The bottom line is, cities must provide services and infrastructure that residents and businesses need and do it quicker, faster and cheaper.” (Photo courtesy of the City of Sacramento)

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September 2, 2015 |
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