162-Foot Cell Tower Upsets Connecticut Residents

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AT&T has submitted a proposal to erect a 162-foot cell phone tower at 30 Cobblers Hill Court, Connecticut last week. This tower is going to be disguised as a tree to increase the aesthetic appeal of the structure. Despite AT&T’s efforts to disguise the cell tower, members of the community are opposing the structure.
Many of the residents were upset to learn of the possible construction of the tower through the Connecticut Post, but First Selectman Steve Vavrek meant to share the news of the cell tower prior to the article being released but didn’t get a chance. There was a lot of misinformation circulating but Vavrek stressed the fact that the tower “is not a done deal.” (Source: Monroe Patch)

AT&T would like to construct a tower to provide reliable wireless communication in the northern parts of Monroe. They submitted an application to the Land Use Department, and the tower would be built on a 36-acre piece of land owned by Quarry Ridge Associations. AT&T would allow their competitors to lease space on the tower in order to add antennas. There will be a meeting on September 10th at the Council Chambers of Monroe for the members to voice their opinion and AT&T to make their formal presentation to the town. 

August 16, 2013 |
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